Pay Less Using Spamdrain

Today’s article describes how to save using Spamdrain. This means you will get more filtering with lower price!
Tips to save using spamdrain:

* pay for more addresses
Pay for more? Yeah, exactly! Once you placed an order you will get a discount for your next email addresses. For instance, if you renewed your subscription for using 3 email addresses and it turns out you need 5, get another 2 email addresses with 50% discount. Just click on the link in the confirmation order email message and follow the steps.

* use 14 days trial
This is the feature we highly recommend to run through completely before placing an order. Based on our experience, two weeks is the best period to see benefits from using Spamdrain service and get used to it. Placing an order earlier will leave you without free trial days.

* share
Sharing is good, isn’t it? Once you share Spamdrain services to a friend, you’ll make one more spam free Inbox. Once your friend pays for it you’ll get your free months. The more addresses your friend pays for the more free months you get. Check here for more:

* stay tuned to be the first to see the discounts
Discounts appear from time to time and they can be from 20% to 80%, as you can see from our previous posts. So stay tuned in order not to miss the best ones and be the first one to use them!