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As we reported earlier this week we had some issues in our latest update. The review went really fast this time so the new version 2.0.12 is already approved for App Store. It may tak a day or two before available everywhere so please be patient.

Please make sure to update to 2.0.12 as it contains critical bug fixes!

Update: New version 2.0.12 is now approved and soon available in App Store. Please make sure to update.

Unfortunately we have two issues in our latest iOS app, version 2.0.11.

The first issue is in the Blocked and Allowed lists, when reporting or releasing a message. The top message will always be the message to be reported or released regardless of which message you tap – if you do this from the list. If you do this from the message view it works as expected.

Do not upgrade to 2.0.11 – wait for 2.0.12 instead

We have submitted a new version to App Store, but nowadays it takes about a week before Apple reviews apps so the update will take some time to reach you.

Workaround if already updated to 2.0.11

Before the new version that fixes this issue (2.0.12) is available you need to do the following when reporting or releasing messages:

  • Do not report/release from the lists directly unless you want to report/release the first message.
  • Instead – tap the message and report/release from the view message screen:

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 22 jan 2015 14.12.55

Issue with 12 hour setting

The second issue is that message lists won’t show any messages if you have your clock set to 12 hours instead of 24 hours. The workaround for this is to go to your Settings app, General->Date & Time and switch 24 hour on. Then lists will show messages again. Version 2.0.12 will include a fix for this as well.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience and hope the new version will be available a soon as possible.

Today we published version 2.0 of the SpamDrain Android app. Big thanks to all beta testers who helped us nail down the last (known) bugs.

With this new version you will be able to search in the message lists. There also a new way to report and release messages directly from the message lists. The navigation in the lists and message view should also be a lot smoother. You can also manage your filtered addresses and view filtering status directly in the app.

Below are some screenshots. Please give us your feedback when you have received the update.







We are wrapping up the final features and adjustments for the release of SpamDrain 2.0 for Android and today we have the pleasure to announce that the third beta of SpamDrain 2.0 is available through Google Play store for all beta testers.

Status of filtered addresses can be seen and settings can be updated.

Status of filtered addresses can be seen and settings can be updated.

We have added address management and the possibility to update some of your user settings and account settings. We have also polished the UI a little bit.
Now we need your help to see if the app works great on all your different devices out there. We have only tested the app on a few of them, so please send any feedback to or just post in the Google+ beta testers group.

How to join as beta tester

We are now very close the final 2.0 release so we are looking for more beta testers to find the final nasty bugs that might still be there. Please join our beta test Google+ group if you haven’t already to get your copy of the beta.

About SpamDrain

SpamDrain is a anti-spam cloud service that uses artificial intelligence to filter out spam, newsletters, phishing and virus emails. We bring peace of mind to your inbox.

Beware of e-mails from the Swedish Tax Office

A great number of Swedes has the latest days received e-mails (spam) from phishers with “click here to get your tax return immediately”. The aim of the bluffers is of course to obtain your bank account details and thereby get access to your account for fraudulent causes.
The Swedish Tax Authority (STA) released on its website yesterday a sharp warning for fraudulent attempts like this. STA calls for not to click on links in e-mails that seems to be coming from STA. “If it says that you should submit your bank account details och credit card numbers you should not do it. STA never asks for this information via e-mail or SMS. We only do this using our e-services and when you login via e-identification” adds STA on its website.
The fraudulent e-mails could appear differently. In one example, which STA has published on its website, the recipient is guided to “click here to get your tax return straight into your account”
Everyone who has submitted their sensitive information should immediately report to local police, the STA finishes.
Varning för skattebluff
Ett stort antal svenskar har de senaste dagarna fått mejl från nätbedragare med uppmaningar i stil med “klicka här för att få din skatteåterbäring”. Bluffmakarnas mål är att få mottagarna att fylla i kontouppgifter och på så sätt lura dem på pengar. Skatteverket gick under torsdagen ut med en skarp varning för bedragarna på sin hemsida. Myndigheten uppmanar medborgarna att inte klicka på länkar i mejl som ser ut att komma från Skatteverket men som ser misstänkt falska ut.
“Om det står att du ska lämna ifrån dig uppgifter om bankkontonummer eller kreditkortsnummer ska du inte göra det. Skatteverket efterfrågar aldrig dina kontouppgifter i mejl eller sms. Det gör vi endast via våra e-tjänster som du loggar in på med din e-legitimation”, skriver myndigheten på sin sajt.
Bluffmejlen kan se olika ut. I ett exempel på ett mejl som Skatteverket har lagt upp på sin hemsida används uppmaningen “klicka här för att få tillgång till formuläret för din skatteåterbäring”.
Den som har råkat fylla i kontouppgifter eller annan känslig information ges rådet att kontakta polisen.


Published Aug 22, 2014 in Dagens Industri – The leading business daily in Sweden, cited by SpamDrain AB (

We are currently experiencing problems with our main storage provider. This leads to that not all filtered messages can be viewed and released. Our provider is working on a solution and we will update this post as soon as we have more information. The filtering is still working and no messages will be lost – however the filtered messages cannot be viewed until this issue has been resolved.

Update 1: 2014-05-01 18:12 GMT+02:
There has also been disturbances with the filtering itself during the day because of this. We have now made a temporary fix, waiting for our provider to fully restore all functionality at their end. So messages filtered from now on and messages that have been filtered during the day should now be accessible again. Messages filtered before that are still unaccessible until our provider is fully available.

Update 2: 2014-05-01 20:08 GMT+02:
Our storage provider is now up and running again. We are currently synchronizing files and all filtered emails should soon be available again. We are still seeing disturbances so please be patient the next hours.

Update 3: 2014-05-01 22:48 GMT+02:
Everything should now be synchronized and all systems are up and running as normal again. We will update our systems to minimize the impact on SpamDrain when storage problems like the ones we experienced today occur.

We deeply apologize the inconvenience.

SpamDrain not affected by Heartbleed bug

There has been a lot of news the past week about a security vulnerability in a version of OpenSSL, commonly known as the “Heartbleed Bug”. This bug could potentially allow a cyberattacker to access a website’s customer data along with traffic encryption keys. We have investigated our servers thoroughly and concluded that no parts of the SpamDrain service were ever affected by the Heartbleed bug.

That being said, we strongly recommend you to check the internet services you are using to see if you should change your password for these services. Mashable has a list of well-known services affected by this bug.
If you are using the same password in SpamDrain as you do for any service affected by the bug, we recommend you also change your SpamDrain password.

A second beta of the 2.0 version of the SpamDrain Android app is now on it’s way though Play Store. This version mainly contains bug fixes and no new features compared to the last beta.

We are currently working on adding the rest of the features such as adding and managing addresses and signing up. Until this is finished we’d love to get more beta testers. So please join our beta test Google+ group if you haven’t already to get your copy of the beta.

SpamDrain 2.0 beta for Android 2.0 released

Today we have published a first beta of the 2.0 version of the SpamDrain Android app. This version aims to catch up on our iOS app and add capabilities like search, management of filtered addresses and more options when releasing and reporting emails. We have also tried to design it to match the design patterns of modern Android apps. So if you can’t wait until we release the final 2.0, please join our beta test Google+ group and get your copy of the beta today.

You will now be able to report and release messages directly from the message lists.

You will now be able to report and release messages directly from the message lists.

Search capability added in both blocked and allowed lists.

Search capability added in both blocked and allowed lists.

android-beta-teaser-drawerWe know that you all been waiting a looong time for the new Android version of SpamDrain. We made a decision last year to rewrite the app again since we were not happy with our initial efforts to revamp the app. This, along with us working on keeping the filter as great as possible (since we know you all deserve the best :-)), has delayed the new Android app a bit too long.

That said, we now finally reached the point where a first beta is about to be launched. So please help us out and sign up for our Android beta program below. We use the built in beta testing functionality in Google Play Store, so all you need to do is to join our Google+ group for beta testers. Once you’ve joined the group and got accepted, you will find a link to Google Play where you may the SpamDrain beta program. Once we have published the first beta version you will receive an update to your device.